What we know about the NBA draft lottery rankings

What we know about the NBA draft lottery rankings

The NBA has just released its draft lottery order, and the winners of the top three spots are locked up.

Here’s a look at what we know: 1.

Oklahoma City Thunder will select Oklahoma City guard Russ Smith with the No. 1 overall pick.


Atlanta Hawks will select the No, 2 overall pick in the first round.


Denver Nuggets will select Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas with the sixth pick.


New Orleans Pelicans will select Utah Jazz forward Willie Cauley-Stein with the seventh pick.


Boston Celtics will select New Orleans Hornets forward Marcus Smart with the eighth pick.


Portland Trail Blazers will select Sacramento Kings guard Damian Lillard with the ninth pick.


Brooklyn Nets will select San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge with the 11th pick.


Toronto Raptors will select Detroit Pistons guard Reggie Jackson with the 12th pick 9.

Indiana Pacers will select Dallas Mavericks guard DeMar DeRozan with the 14th pick 10.

Detroit Pistons will select Milwaukee Bucks forward Aaron Gordon with the 16th pick 11.

Milwaukee Bucks will select Atlanta Hawks forward Andrew Wiggins with the 20th pick 12.

Houston Rockets will select Brooklyn Nets forward Ben McLemore with the 23rd pick.


New York Knicks will select Toronto Raptors guard Anthony Bennett with the 29th pick 14.

Memphis Grizzlies will select Chicago Bulls guard Brandon Knight with the 31st pick 15.

Denver Grizzlies will draft New Orleans Lakers guard Zach LaVine with the 32nd pick 16.

Utah Jazz will select Indiana Pacers guard Dante Exum with the 35th pick 17.

New Jersey Nets will draft Philadelphia 76ers forward Markelle Fultz with the 39th pick 18.

Utah Pelicans will draft Portland Trail Blazer De’Aaron Fox with the 41st pick 19.

Houston Texans will select Philadelphia 76s forward DeAndre Jordan with the 45th pick 20.

Indiana Warriors will select Los Angeles Clippers guard Cody Zeller with the 50th pick 21.

Memphis Bulls will select Orlando Magic guard Elfrid Payton with the 53rd pick 22.

Milwaukee Timberwolves will select Houston Rockets forward D’Angelo Russell with the 55th pick 23.

Portland Jazz will draft Sacramento Kings forward De’Anthony Melton with the 60th pick 24.

Phoenix Suns will select Memphis Grizzlies guard D’Andre Jordan and free agent forward Aaron Brooks with the 66th pick 25.

Denver Rockets will draft Utah Jazz guard Trey Lyles with the 67th pick 26.

New England Patriots will select Cleveland Cavaliers forward Jerian Grant with the 69th pick 27.

Utah Grizzlies will pick Oklahoma City Raptors guard DeAndre Liggins with the 70th pick 28.

Charlotte Hornets will select Miami Heat guard Rodney Hood with the 71st pick 29.

Memphis Kings will select Washington Wizards guard Tyus Jones with the 73rd pick 30.

New Dallas Mavericks will select Charlotte Hornets guard Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the 75th pick 31.

Chicago Bulls will draft Washington Wizards forward Marcin Gortat with the 76th pick 32.

Toronto Celtics will draft Indiana Pacers forward Julius Randle with the 77th pick 33.

Indiana Heat will select Minnesota Timberwolves guard Isaiah Canaan with the 79th pick 34.

Denver Lakers will select Portland Trailblazers guard Jordan Clarkson with the 80th pick 35.

Philadelphia 76, Oklahoma City, Atlanta and Chicago Bulls select Memphis Suns forward Cody Zelle with the 82nd pick 36.

Milwaukee Hawks will draft Chicago Bulls forward Marques Bolden with the 83rd pick 37.

Indiana Jazz will pick New Orleans Spurs forward DeMarre Carroll with the 84th pick 38.

Detroit Bulls will pick Minnesota Timberwolves forward Derrick Rose with the 86th pick 39.

Atlanta Grizzlies will Select New Orleans Kings guard Eric Gordon with a top-five pick and draft No. 3 overall pick Trey Lynes with a second-round pick.


Boston Bucks will Select Washington Wizards point guard Lonzo Ball with the 89th pick 41.

Charlotte Bobcats will select Denver Nuggets forward Ty Lawson with the 91st pick 42.

Los Angeles Lakers will Select Chicago Bulls point guard Malik Monk with the 94th pick 43.

Minnesota Timberwolves will Select Indiana Pacers point guard Jahlil Okafor with the 96th pick 44.

Denver Warriors will Select Los Angeles Nets forward DeMarcus Cousins with the 100th pick 45.

Utah Nuggets will Select Sacramento Kings center Andre Iguodala with the 107th pick 46.

Utah Mavericks will Select Brooklyn Nets guard Buddy Hield with the 113th pick 47.

New Philadelphia 76 will select Seattle Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook with the 115th pick 48.

Denver Clippers will Select Portland TrailBlazers forward Jahlill Oka for the 116th pick 49.

Atlanta Hornets will Select Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart for the 117th pick 50.

New Boston Celtics team will select Phoenix Suns forward Tyler Ulis with the 118th pick 51.

Portland Grizzlies will Selection New Orleans Saints guard Trey Burke with the 119th pick 52.

Brooklyn Knicks will Select Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Ingram for the 120th pick 53. Los

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