How to win fantasy football with Valorant Ranking system

How to win fantasy football with Valorant Ranking system

If you’re like me and love to get in on the fantasy action, you’re probably looking for some easy ways to rank your players and determine your future fantasy football dynasty players.

With Valorants Ranking system, you can now find players that are worth owning, based on how well they perform.

For example, you might be looking for a player like Corey Coleman, who has a career high in receptions and touchdowns and a top 10 overall fantasy player overall, but is only worth owning in fantasy leagues with a 4.5% ownership rate. 

The Valorancy Ranking System is designed to help you rank players based on their value in your dynasty leagues, so you can quickly get an idea of who you should draft in your next draft.

You can also view players that you have yet to draft and can easily find player rankings to rank them against.

You can also compare players to each other and others who are similar in value and how well you should be ranking them. 

There are multiple tiers of Valorance ranking system available, each one focusing on a different aspect of fantasy football. 

Tier 1: Top 20 Valorances. 

This tier focuses on fantasy football players that have been drafted at the top of the draft or are currently top 10 players in your league.

They’re generally the best players available in your fantasy leagues, with a great chance of being drafted in your top 3 picks, but you may want to look elsewhere for better options. 

They’re also generally more valuable in a dynasty league, and you’ll need to be wary of drafting a player who has been drafted in the top 10, because there are only so many top players on the board. 

Tier 2: Top 50 Valorancies. 

These are the top 20 players that were drafted at least in the first three rounds.

They have an opportunity to be drafted in a top three pick, and they have a good chance of landing in the 3rd round. 

Some players, like Antonio Brown and Ezekiel Elliott, have a higher chance of finding a franchise quarterback than their peers in this tier, and players like Kevin White, Jameis Winston, and Michael Crabtree have great potential. 

Top 3 Valorantes in your Fantasy Draft. 

If you’re still looking for top players in the early rounds of your fantasy football draft, you could use this tier to fill out your team.

This is the tier where you’ll have your highest chance of seeing a stud fantasy quarterback drafted in first round, as well as a lot of top wide receivers. 

Also, this is the top tier that is designed for teams that have a solid foundation in the passing game.

You’ll need a solid offense, a good receiving corps, and a deep passing game, so this tier is for you. 

Below is a list of all the top valorants in the Valorantic Ranking System. 

What should you look for in a Valorantly Ranking System? 

As I said, this system works best for teams with a strong passing game that can run the ball effectively.

However, it also works well in dynasty leagues that have multiple pass catchers and/or a strong running game. 

It’s also great for teams where you want to maximize your scoring, as your running backs can have huge fantasy points, and if your quarterback can get to the end zone, it could make your offense look great. 

Lastly, you’ll find this system useful for players who are highly rated in their respective leagues, and who may be overlooked by other owners. 

I highly recommend using this system, as it will help you get your dynasty players to a point where you should consider drafting them in your future dynasty drafts. 

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