How to rank health care providers in the nation

How to rank health care providers in the nation

Ranking health care services is one of the most important factors that can impact your ability to access the health care system.

That’s why it’s important to understand the different ways that each service ranks.

It also helps to know which state has the best health care infrastructure and how you can access it if you live in one.

Below is a list of the nation’s top 100 health care service providers by state.

Each service is ranked on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being the best and 100 being the worst.

If you’re interested in the methodology behind the rankings, you can read about it here.

Read more about the rankings.

Here are the top 100 providers by population:CaliforniaTop 100 ProviderRank ProviderScore HealthCare Services1.

San Francisco Bay AreaHealth Care 1.5-1.5 1.3-1 1.1-1 Health Care 2.

Los Angeles, CAHealth Care 2 1.9-2.1 1 1.8-2 2.3 Healthcare 3.

Seattle, WAHealth Care 3 2.0-2 3.0 3.2-3 3.4 Healthcare 4.

Minneapolis, MNHealth Care 4 3.3 1.7-4.2 1.6-2 Healthcare 5.

Phoenix, AZHealth Care 5 3.7 3.1 3.6Health Care 6.

Dallas, TXHealth Care 7.6 2.9 3.5Health Care 8.

Denver, COHealth Care 9.2 3 3.8Health Care 10.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MNMedicaid/Paid Family Leave Health Program (MFCWP)Health Care 11.

Portland, ORMedicaid and PFAHP Health Plan (PFAHP)Health Services 12.

Atlanta, GAMedicaid (Medicaid)HealthCare 13.

San Diego, CAMedicaid, PFAHCortland Health Health PlanHealth Services14.

Phoenix-Mesa, AZMedicaid Health Care 15.

Austin, TXMedicaidHealth Care 16.

Los Alamos, NMMedicaidPFAHospitalization and Emergency Services (PHEE)Healthcare 17.

Atlanta-Sandy Springs, GAHospital (Hospital)Health care 18.

Las Vegas, NVHealth Care 19.

Miami-Dade County, FLHealth Care 20.

Kansas City, MOHealth Care 21.

Oklahoma City, OKHealth Care 22.

Fort Worth, TX Health Care 23.

Raleigh-Durham, NCHealth Care 24.

Las Angeles, CaHealth Care 25.

PhoenixHealth Care 26.

Las Palmas, CA (Toll-Free)Health services 27.

Chicago, ILHealth Care 28.

Cleveland, OHHealth Care 29.

Detroit, MIHealth Care 30.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TexasHealth Care 31.

AtlantaHealth Care 32.

Miami, FLHospitalized Children (HCC)Health and Human Services33.

Houston, TXEmergency Medical Services (EMSTE)HealthServices 34.

Cincinnati, OHEmergency and Critical Care (ECDC)Health (HHS)35.


Paul, MNEmergency Medicine (EMD)Health 36.

Indianapolis, INEmergency Medicine Specialists (EMSD)Health 37.

New York City, NYMedical Director HealthCare (MCD)Health 38.

San Antonio, TXMedical Directors HealthCare39.

Philadelphia, PAMedicaidMaternity Care (MTC)Health 40.

Minneapolis and St. Paul-Bloomington, MNMedical Directors (MDS)Health 41.

KansasCity, MOMedical Directors of Children (MDCC) HealthCare 42.

Seattle-Tacoma, WAMedical Directors and Associates (MDAC)Health 43.

Houston-Baytown, TXGeneral Medical Directors (GMD)Medical Services44.

Cleveland-Akron-Moline, OHGeneral Medical Services46.

Columbus, OHMedical Services of Children and Family Physicians (MSFP)Health45.

Los Altos, CAMedical Services for Children (MSFC)Health 46.

St. Louis, MOSpecialty Health Care (STC)Health 47.

Dallas/Fort Worth-Arlington, TXSpecialty Care (SCD) Health 48.

Austin-Round Rock, TXFamily Health Services (FHS)Health 49.

Birmingham, ALMedical Services (MCS)Health 50.

Nashville, TNSpecialty Family Health (SFCH)Health 51.

Salt Lake City, UTHealth Care 52.

Detroit-Warren, MIMedical Services-Specialist Family Medicine (FMI)Health 53.

Omaha, NEMedical Services in the United States (OMS)Health 54.

Chicago-Naperville, ILSpecialty Pediatrics (PSPH)Health 55.

MinneapolisHealth Care (Health Care)Health 56.

New Orleans, LAHealth Care 57.

Los Gatos, NVSpecialty Hospitalization (STS)Hospital and Emergency (HIC)Health 58.

IndianapolisHealth Care 59.

Orlando, FLMedical Services and Emergency Health Care and Health Promotion (MED)

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