Why you should not watch NFL football unless you want to get a concussion

Why you should not watch NFL football unless you want to get a concussion

Matt Berry has put together an impressive list of the Top 10 reasons why you should never watch NFL games. 

In the past, I have covered the reasons for why you shouldn’t watch the NFL in detail, but that is no longer the case as the NFL has changed the rules of the game. 

The NFL has made the sport safer, so you are no longer required to wear a helmet and there is no helmet-to-helmet contact. 

Players are also now being required to have full contact in order to play. 

With this in mind, we have made a list of 10 reasons that you should NEVER watch NFL sports. 


You must be wearing a helmet for the entire game There is no such thing as being wearing a mask for the whole game.

There is a rule in place where you are not allowed to wear anything that covers your face, ears, nose or mouth, except for a mask. 

So if you are wearing a cap, gloves, goggles or face mask, you are out of luck. 

It has been established that this is a safety hazard, so there is also no way to be wearing goggles for the entirety of the NFL game.

The NFL will only allow players to wear helmets, gloves and face masks if they are wearing full face masks. 


You cannot have any contact with the ball It is now possible to have contact with an opponent’s ball, including hitting a defender or teammate. 

This is another safety hazard that was introduced to the NFL. 

When a player makes contact with a ball, it is a clear attempt to knock the ball out of play, so it is impossible for the referee to stop the play.

If the ball is knocked out of the play, the referee is required to call a pass interference call. 

If the ball goes out of bounds, the refs call will not be reviewed. 


You can be tackled, knocked down or injured at any time If you are tackled, you cannot be knocked down, knocked to the ground or injured, even if you feel a little pain from the hit. 

You can also not be knocked over or knocked out by a tackle, but if you do not feel any pain from it, you should be fine. 


You are not required to be out of uniform Players who are not wearing a uniform are now allowed to be dressed in their uniforms for the duration of the match. 

Again, this has been a safety issue, so this has not been reviewed.


There are no full contact drills The last safety hazard is no contact drills, but the NFL does allow full contact during these drills. 

Full contact drills consist of players running, jumping, jogging and jumping rope, and they are designed to simulate the type of contact that would be required of a real football player during a game.

They are called full contact football and the rule states that a player is not allowed any contact during a full contact drill. 


If you are in an injury situation, you can be put out of action If a player or player’s team is in an active injury situation and they feel a player has a neck injury, they can call for a timeout. 

For instance, if a player feels their neck is hurting, they could call for the timeout and go into the locker room to rest and get checked out.

If there is a neck problem, they would then be placed in the locker area where they would have to stay for several minutes before they could return to the game, according to the rules. 


The league is not regulated by the NFL The league is regulated by a separate entity, the National Football League, which has no oversight over the league. 

A player is no more than 15 feet from the goal line and 15 feet away from the bench. 

There are no rules that specifically regulate how many times a player can be in contact with their own player during the game and they cannot be tackled. 


You may not get a refund if you get hurt in the game The first rule of the rule book states that if you have a neck or back injury, you may not be eligible for a refund from the league for your injuries. 


If a player gets hit, he can get out of it If players get hit, they cannot leave the field for a time longer than five minutes. 


You CANNOT take a helmet off for the rest of the season The rules that are in place for players to be able to wear their helmets is not set in stone, but they are a safety concern for the players. 

However, it will still be up to the players to get their helmet off at all times, so if you wear a mask, it may not happen at all.

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