Lions go 2-0 in ESL Pro Series finals

Lions go 2-0 in ESL Pro Series finals

Lions have now clinched the ESL Pro League finals with a 2-1 victory over the LGB Esports in the second round of the ESL One Frankfurt playoffs.

A thrilling opening set saw Lions claim a 4-1 win in a game that started out with a big score from the Liger’s Danil “Dr. Reason” Tokarev, but the home side then took a commanding lead when Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev hit a stunning counter-hit on Jakub “zews” Kuznetsov and the Slovakian ace was able to turn the game around to secure the victory.

Lions took the win in the first round of ESL Pro series playoffs as they won both sets and had to play in the grand final, but as the second and final set neared, Lions made it 4-2 after Danil ‘Dr. Probst’ Tokarevev missed a point-blank free kick on Jakov “f0rest” Vasiliev.LGB Esports came from behind in the next game to secure a 2:1 victory, as Danil and Aleksandra “s3m” Grubar took home the points.

Liones will now face the top four teams in the world in the final on January 9 at ESL One Cologne.

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