How to pick the best NFL football player of all time

How to pick the best NFL football player of all time

By Matt Bryans The NFL has been dominated by two players: Colin Kaepernick and Michael Strahan.

But how did the game become such a sport, where a player can become such an icon?

As the most watched professional sport in the world, the NFL is also one of the most divisive.

How does it change with the rise of social media?

And why are some players more popular than others?

We take a look at the best players of all-time and rank them according to the sport they played in.

Read more Top stories The best NFL players of 2016 Top 10 players of every NFL franchise by average career earnings: 1.

Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers – $28.5 million per season 2.

Strahan, Kansas City Chiefs – $22.5 m 3.

Jackson, Oakland Raiders – $21.5m 4.

Allen, Arizona Cardinals – $20.3m 5.

McCaffrey, San Diego Chargers – $19.3 m 6.

Smith, Pittsburgh Steelers – $18.6m 7.

Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – $17.3 million 8.

Gronkowski, New England Patriots – $16.6 m 9.

Jackson-Drew, Kansas Saints – $15.6 million 10.

Brees, New Orleans Saints – and more…

The list is compiled from ESPN Stats & Info and the Elias Sports Bureau.

We also added in the salary of the players in their top 10 years.

There’s a lot to be said for an elite quarterback and a player who plays for a dominant team, so let’s do it all.1.

Colin Kaepernick, 49ersQB – $26.5M per season2.

Allen Robinson, Baltimore Ravens – $23.9M per year3.

Josh Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars – $24.5 Million per season4.

J.J. Watt, Houston Texans – $25.9m per season5.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers – $30.6M per game6.

Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings – $31.1m per year7.

Michael Straha, Kansas Chiefs – 10.4m per game8.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles – 10m per week9.

Philip Rivers, San Chargers – 8.4M per week10.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons – 7.3M per monthTop 10 players from every NFL team by average earnings:1.

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos – $27.3 per season, $30M per career2.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets – $32.2 million per year, $35.5 per season3.

Cam Wilson, Chicago Bears – $33.3 M per season- 10.5 M per year4.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts – $35M per team- 8.8M per seasons- 8 M per team5.

Michael Thomas, Carolina Seahawks – $34.6 M per contract6.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans – $37.3 millions per year- 5.4 M per deal7.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Colts – 5.2 M per $6 million contract8.

Tom Brady, New Jersey Patriots – 4.9 M per million dollar deal9.

Eli Manning, New Zealand Giants – 4M per $9 million contract10.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raider – 3.8 M per dollar deal1.

Michael Crabtree, San Jose 49ers (1st round) – $13.4 million per career, $25M per franchise2.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (2nd round) $16 million per franchise, $33M per salary- 7.6 Million per year – 8 M in total contracts3.

Derek Anderson, Indianapolis Titans (1 st round) 3.3 Million per team, $12.8 Million per franchise- 4.4 Million per player4.

Keenan Allen, San Antonio Spurs (2 nd round) 5.5 Billion per year5.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Panthers (1 nd) 7.2 Billion per franchise6.

Matt Jones, Cleveland Browns (1 th) 11.6 Billion per team7.

Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Wild (2 th) 8 Billion per season8.

Mike Wallace, Carolina Packers (3rd) 10.6 billion per year9.

DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys (4 th) 13.2 billion per team10.

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins (5 th) 16 Billion per contract

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