What does this year’s #CFB team look like?

What does this year’s #CFB team look like?

College football teams can change in the year following the season, and it’s been a good thing for everyone.

Teams with new coaches, new offensive coordinators and even new quarterbacks are getting a fresh start.

But what about the old teams?

Can the best teams of the past survive their own era?

This is the latest installment in a weekly look at the nation’s top ranked college football teams.

This week: #4 Florida Gators, ranked #3, #8 LSU Tigers, #9 Alabama Crimson Tide, #12 Clemson Tigers, Michigan Wolverines, #15 Florida GatorsBaylor Bears (2-0, 1-0 Big 12)The Baylor Bears have had their struggles in recent years, losing seven games in a row to finish the season ranked in the top 25 in each poll.

They are still considered the favorites in their own division, but the Bears have a history of not taking care of business on the road.

Last season, they dropped four straight games to Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma and TCU before winning three of four in a week at home against Arkansas.

The Bears are a good team to watch in the second half of the season.

They’re a team that plays their own brand of football and can put together an efficient offense.

The Baylor Bears are just a game away from the top four in the Big 12 and the No. 1 seed in the College Football Playoff.

That’s why I have Baylor as my pick for a national championship contender this season.

Kansas State Wildcats (2:14 p.m.

ET, ESPN2)The Kansas State Wildcats have been a major disappointment in the first two weeks of the college football season.

Last year, the Wildcats were ranked No. 2 in the nation and were supposed to have an excellent season.

But they lost three games in five weeks and finished with a 5-6 record.

I feel like Kansas State has a chance to make some big moves in the offseason.

They can make some major changes, especially on offense.

There are some talented young players in the Wildcats program, including quarterback Kevin Hogan, who is expected to have a huge impact on the program moving forward.

Kansas State is in a position to improve its record this season, but it will need to make a big splash to get to the postseason.

They will need the help of some new recruits, too, which will be difficult to find this season if you’re in the middle of a rebuild.

Tennessee Volunteers (2 p.y., ESPN)The Tennessee Volunteers are a hot team heading into the season with a chance at the Big Ten title and a chance for some more playoff consideration.

They have some talent on offense, but there are also some big holes in the secondary.

If the defense can continue to get better, the Vols will be a top-five team in the SEC.

They won’t have to worry about being a bottom-10 team to be a contender in the Pac-12 South.

Michigan Wolveries (2.5 p.a., ESPNU)Michigan Wolverines quarterback Caleb Brantley has been impressive in his first two games, but he needs to show that he can step up and lead the Wolverines to the next level.

He is an excellent athlete and has a high football IQ, but his production is inconsistent and he’s been inconsistent at times.

The Wolverines need to get Brantleys trust.

Texas A&M Aggies (3 p.o., ESPN2, ESPNU/ESPN)Texas A&m Aggies quarterback Austin Allen is a very talented player, but has had a difficult time adjusting to the new offense and needs to work on his mechanics.

He’s still learning the offense and has yet to show much in the way of progress.

Texas Tech Red Raiders (4 p.p.m., ESPN, ESPN3)The Red Raiders have been playing their best football since losing their starting quarterback, Kevin Hogan.

They might have to give up on Hogan if they want to stay in the playoff race.

That said, the Red Raiders are a strong team and could be a threat in the conference.

The Red Raiders will need an experienced quarterback to lead them in 2018, and the team has been improving under coach Kevin Sumlin.

Tennessee Vols (5 p., ESPN3, ESPN)There’s no way around it, Tennessee is one of the hottest teams in college football right now.

If they get back quarterback Austin Ekeler, they could be really good.

The Vols have a lot of talent and a solid offensive line.

They could be very dangerous.

However, the Titans are a tough team to predict.

They don’t have many players in their secondary, but they have some big defensive backs in Corey Davis and Antonio Morrison.

I’d have Tennessee in the playoffs, but I have them ranked as a top three team in this division.

Wisconsin Badgers (5:30 p.

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