Aussie rankings are out. Australia’s top players have a new home

Aussie rankings are out. Australia’s top players have a new home

AUSTRALIA is a country of many people and it’s no secret Australia’s world chess ranking is not the best in the world.

While the United States is often touted as a world chess champion, there are several other players competing on par with the likes of world champion Magnus Carlsen and world champion Anish Giri.

The rankings have been dominated by one man, Garry Kasparov, and he has been the face of Australian chess for the past decade.

Despite his dominance in the ranks, Garry has had some issues with the media.

His popularity was at its peak in 2008 when the world chess world championship began in India and Australia were first invited to compete.

In the end, Australia were invited to take part, but the only way to do so was to sign up to a contract with a rival country, which they did.

With a World Chess Federation ranking below 50, Australia are now the world’s top chess nation, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best.

The list of the top Australian players is dominated by a few strong names, but what about the rest?

While Garry is the most recognisable figure, there is plenty of talent to choose from.

There are some names that have a long history of success in the game, such as Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasprzak.

There is also a growing number of players who have made the jump to the top.

Here are the top 20 players in the country, ranked by their recent performances in the Australian Chess Federation (AFC) rankings.


Magnus Carlsson – world champion At age 20, Magnus Carlson has won eight grand tours, including the US Open and the US Masters.

It’s hard to imagine that he didn’t expect to win another in the next five years.

He has played more than 2,000 games, has a world record and has become the youngest ever to win the grand tour title.

The fact that he hasn’t done so yet shows how hard it is to make the transition from the elite level to the lower leagues.

He’s only 26 years old and the next world champion will be no less than 21.


Garry Kaspian – world number one At 27, Garry is already one of the greatest players in world chess history, having won three of the most prestigious titles in the sport.

He is the only player to win both the European Masters and the European Championship and he’s also the only one to be crowned a world champion four times.

There has never been a player to have a career where he is in the top five, and if he continues to perform, he’ll become the oldest player to ever be number one.


Anish Guptill – world chess grandmaster In 2010, Anish Gretchen Guptilla, an American, was the youngest player to compete in the European Grand Prix.

He lost the first game to Garry Kaspenier in his first match, but he went on to win four games and draw two.

He was the next to take on Kasparos in the final.

Guptills victory was the first of his career, and it was one of his most memorable performances.


Peter Svidler – world world number two In 2013, Peter Sidsly, a Dutchman, was named the world number four.

He didn’t get his chance to play in the ATP World Championship in 2014, but his performance at the Australian Open was his best yet, finishing with seven wins and three draws.

He made a statement in the 2015 Australian Open by defeating David Goffin in a tight match.


Garry Kubisch – world championship favourite At 33, Garry Kubis the last man to win a world title, was crowned the world champion in 2003.

He became the youngest grandmaster ever to do it, and is the first player to be a world number three.

He won the Australian Grand Prix in 2010 and has continued to play well.

He now ranks as the eighth best player in the US. 6.

Magnus Saulin – world grandmaster Since 2008, Magnus Sauline has won the grandmaster title seven times.

He also made the semi-finals twice and won the world title in 2013.


Anastasia Makarenko – world women’s chess world champion Makarenkos first title came in 2007.

She is now a world championship champion and she has also been a champion in both the World Cup and the Asian Games.

She has made three consecutive trips to the final of the World Chess Championship.


Alexander Karagian – top 20 ranking In 2013 and 2014, Alexander Karagan won the US Amateur title and the World Championship title.

He finished second in the World Youth Chess Championship last year.


Fabiano Caruana – world No.1 The former world number six has won three consecutive titles and is now one of five men to win titles in three consecutive years.

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