When a big name comes to town, you know you’ve got something special. – News.au

When a big name comes to town, you know you’ve got something special. – News.au

Draft night is a big deal.

For the first time in four years, the season begins on Tuesday night with the NBA draft, and for the first half of this season the draft lottery is taking place.

The NBA draft lottery has been a major factor in recent years, but now that the NBA season is over and the NBA is moving to a one-day schedule, we’re seeing the draft become the most-watched event in the sports world.

And what better way to get the attention of the biggest names than with the biggest prize in the NBA: the first pick in the first round?

The last time a player was selected in the top 10 was in the 2015 NBA draft and that pick was taken by the Indiana Pacers.

The 2017 draft is expected to be even better.

There are a number of players who could potentially land in the Top 10 in the draft, but they could also end up in the bottom half of the NBA, where the best talent is at its most valuable.

To get a better picture of the best of the big names in the game, News.io teamed up with ESPN.com’s NBA Draft Insider, Kevin Pelton, to look at the players who have the highest likelihood of landing in the second round of the draft.

We took a look at their college basketball records, their career stat lines and their projected NBA salaries.

We also compared them to the projected starting salary of each player in the next round.

The numbersWe’ve already seen the top five players in the ESPN draft rankings.

The list is full of talented players who can help a team in a variety of ways.

However, there are some players who are going to be in the spotlight this year, and it’s a good time to look ahead at the prospects of these players.

The Top 5 NBA Draft ProspectsRank Player: Lonzo Ball ( UCLA)1.

Lonzo ( UCLA): Lonzo is a versatile forward with a lot of skills and a strong shot.

He’s also a leader and has great chemistry with his teammates.2.

Frank Kaminsky ( Duke): Frank has been the best big man in the country for a while now.

He has been one of the better defensive players in college basketball.3.

John Collins ( Kentucky): John is a terrific shooter with the ability to score in bunches.

He’ll have to improve his perimeter game.4.

Deandre Ayton ( Syracuse): This kid is a strong defender who can be a scoring threat at the next level.5.

Marcus Smart ( Kansas): The best passer in the class, Smart has an excellent handle and great shooting ability.

He could play the role of a combo forward in the future.

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