What are the top middleweight prospects for 2016?

What are the top middleweight prospects for 2016?

The Australian Middleweight Rankings, compiled by Sportsnet, have put the likes of Aljamain Sterling, Anthony Joshua, Anthony De La Rosa and Matthew Pavlich in the middle of the pack in the lightweight division.

They also rank the top 10 prospects for 2017.

Aljamain is one of the best young talents in the world.

He has shown no signs of slowing down this year and has taken on an elite level in his first year back after an injury-plagued 2015.

He’s had an impressive year and looks set to get another top 10 ranking in 2018.

Aljazeera English has listed him as one of their three favourite prospects in the fight game.

He’s the top lightweight in the division, having lost to Sergio Martinez at a world title eliminator last year and now looks set for another big win at the WBC super middleweight title.

It’s hard to pick out a single name in the light heavyweight division, as it’s not as balanced as it is in the heavyweight division.

But Sterling, who will fight Anthony Joshua in the WBA world title on Saturday, is a big-name name that will draw plenty of attention.

It would be a surprise if Aljamains WBO title defence wasn’t the most anticipated event of the year.

He’ll look to return to form against Joshua this weekend and should be able to do so.

The next two fights on the card will be between Joshua and Michael Spinks.

It’s a tough fight for Spinks as he’s been training hard for the fight since his return to the ring in late October and has a big fight against a big name.

It should be a good fight for both men.

Spinks has been a big star in the ring since his debut at the age of 13, but Joshua is a much bigger star in his own right.

The WBC heavyweight championship has been decided at Wembley Stadium in London in March.

The heavyweight division will now be decided by a draw.

Al Jazeera’s Chris Boardman reports.

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