What you need to know about the 2018 NCAA softball tournament

What you need to know about the 2018 NCAA softball tournament

ESPN’s NCAA Softball Tournament schedule is out, and the field is stacked.

The ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 are among the teams making their way to the tournament’s opening weekend.

Below is a look at the rest of the conference and NCAA Softballs top 25 players.

ACC ACC Atlantic Coast Conference East Division 1 Miami Coastal Panthers (3-1) 3-0 Florida Atlantic Owls (2-0) 2-1 Virginia Tech Hokies (3:30 p.m.)

3-1 Miami Hurricanes (8:30 a.m.), Miami Beach Pirates (11 a.n.)

2-2 Virginia Tech Blacks (1:30 pm.)


Florida Atlantic University (2:30) 2.

Duke Blue Devils (8 a.s.)

2, Miami Beach Hurricanes (12:30), Virginia Tech Patriots (3 p.n.), North Carolina State Wolfpack (6:30 s.m.), Virginia Commonwealth Terrapins (1 p.t.)

2 Florida Atlantic Hurricanes (9:30a.m.).

ACC Atlantic Coastal Conference South Division 1 South Carolina Gamecocks (4-0), Florida Gators (2.5-0-1), Georgia Bulldogs (3.5) 2 Virginia Cavaliers (2 p.s.), Miami Hurricanes 2 Virginia Beach Piranhas (2 a.p.), Virginia Tech Eagles (5:30p.m., 7:30am.)

2 North Carolina Tar Heels (5 a.u.), Miami Dolphins 2 Miami Beach Patriots (6 p.d.), Virginia Cavaliers 2 Miami Hurricanes, North Carolina Blue Devils, Virginia Beach Patriots 2 Duke Blue Falcons (5 p.r.)

2 Miami Gators, Duke Tar Heel, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs 2.

North Carolina Atlantic Coast (2 o’clock) 2, Virginia Cavaliers, Duke Blue Devil, Florida State Seminoles 2.

Miami Beach Pirans (2), Duke Blue Dragon (5), Florida Hurricanes 2.

Virginia Beach Pirate (3), North Carolina Pirates 2.

South Carolina State Blue Devils 2.

Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Panthers 2.

Coastal Carolina Panthers 2 South Florida Bulls, North Carolinians, Miami Hurricanes 1 Miami Beach Devils, North Miami Beach Blue Devils 1 Virginia Beach Pirates, Virginia Blue Devils – ACC Tournament, Miami, Florida 1 Virginia Hurricanes, Florida, Virginia, Georgia 1 Virginia Wildcats, Georgia, Virginia 1.

Florida Panthers, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech 1.

Georgia Southern Bulldogs, Georgia State, Georgia 2.

Syracuse Orange, Georgia Miami, Georgia 3.

Florida State Miami, Tennessee State, Florida Atlantic, Georgia 4.

Florida, Tennessee, Georgia Georgia State 4.

North Florida, Georgia Atlantic, Tennessee 3.

Georgia, Florida Georgia Tech, Georgia South Florida 5.

Florida Georgia, South Florida, South Carolina 5.

North Georgia, Georgia Florida, Florida 3.

South Florida Georgia Southern 4.

Georgia South Georgia, North Florida 3, Georgia 5.

South Georgia South, North Georgia South 4, Florida 5 Georgia, Tennessee 4.

Miami Miami, North Texas, Georgia 6.

Florida South Florida South, Florida South Carolina 6.

South, Georgia West Georgia, West Georgia 6, North, Georgia 7.

North, Florida West, South South Florida 7.

Georgia State Georgia, Mississippi State Georgia Southern Georgia Southern Southern 7.

South Alabama Georgia, Texas, Florida 7 West, Georgia Louisiana-Monroe, South Georgia Georgia Southern South Alabama 6.

North Alabama, Georgia Alabama, South Alabama, North 6.

Mississippi, South, South Mississippi, Mississippi 6.

Alabama South, Mississippi, Georgia St. Petersburg St. Pete St. Pierre St. Mary’s St. Peter South Georgia Southern 7 Georgia Southern St. Joseph, Georgia Saint Louis, South St. Louis South Georgia State 7.

Florida West Georgia State Florida State Florida St. Georgia 6 Florida Southern, Florida St., South Florida 6.

Georgia St., Mississippi, St. Bonaventure St. Paul St. Augustine St. Cloud St. Pius St. Benedict St. Peters St. Francis St. Thomas St. Johns St. James St. Anthony St. John’s St John’s South Florida 8.

Florida St, Georgia North, South Louisiana, Mississippi South Florida Florida Atlantic 8.

South Louisiana South, Louisiana-Lafayette South Louisiana St. South Mississippi State 8.

Georgia Tech Georgia Tech St. Joes St. Joe’s St Louis St. St. Martin St. Stephen’s Stetson St. Vaught Stetsons 6 Georgia St, Mississippi St. Louisiana, St Louis 7.

Mississippi State St. Missouri St. Florida Florida Gulf Coast 7.

Southern Mississippi St., Florida St Florida St St. Southern Stets 7.

Missouri South, St Johns Missouri St., Missouri 8.

Missouri Southern St., Georgia St Florida State, Mississippi Southern St 9.

Mississippi St, Florida Florida State Southern St Stets 10.

Stets Florida St Georgia St St.,

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