NFL’s Week 4 Picks | NFL Fantasy Rankings | ESPN Rankings

NFL’s Week 4 Picks | NFL Fantasy Rankings | ESPN Rankings

Fortune, November 15, 2019—, the ESPN network owned by Walt Disney Co., today unveiled its Week 4 NFL Fantasy rankings, featuring a host of fantasy football experts in one of ESPN’s most advanced fantasy sports leagues. will publish weekly rankings and rankings guides that will highlight the most impressive performances in the fantasy football league that week.

The Week 4 rankings will include players from ESPN.TV’s NFL Fantasy Playoffs and ESPN’s fantasy NFL Draft leagues, as well as fantasy football veterans from ESPN’s NFL Network, ESPN Fantasy College and ESPN Fantasy Football Live.ESPN.

Com/NFL will be hosting its weekly Fantasy Football Picks & Pans from Friday, November 14 through Sunday, November 17.

The Fantasy Football P&P offers top-tier picks for fantasy football teams as well, including top players in fantasy football and other sports leagues, and will provide the best information on where players rank among their fantasy peers.

The Week 4 picks include players such as:The Week 3 picks include:The Pick:Brent Celek, WR, Los Angeles Rams; Jalen Ramsey, QB, Cleveland Browns; Brandon Weeden, QB/RB, Minnesota Vikings; Josh Rosen, QB / RB, UCLA; Chris Thompson, TE, Cincinnati Bengals; Jalston Fowler, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars; Kenny Britt, OT, Jacksonville Dolphins; DeMarco Murray, RB / WR, Tennessee Titans; Jalyn Holmes, TE / WR / RB / C, Jacksonville Bills; Corey Davis, LB, Kansas City Chiefs; and Corey Davis III, LB / S, Kansas State Chiefs.

The Pick : DeMarco Winston, QB and Carolina Panthers; Mike Evans, WR and Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Josh Doctson, WR / WR and Washington Redskins; Terrance Williams, WR & TE, Kansas Jayhawks; Corey Coleman, RB and Miami Dolphins; and Ryan Anderson, RB & QB, Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Picks : Ben Roethlisberger, QB & Pittsburgh Steelers; Jared Goff, QB San Diego Chargers; Marcus Mariota, QB Arizona Cardinals; and Ezekiel Elliott, RB Cleveland Browns.

The picks are ranked in descending order of the players’ fantasy production, with the top five players receiving the most picks in each position group.

All picks are updated weekly with all of the latest fantasy information.

ESPN Fantasy Rankings will provide fantasy football rankings for every week of the NFL season.

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