Atsuko Watanabe joins cast for new anime adaptation

Atsuko Watanabe joins cast for new anime adaptation

Asahi Shimbun (main) source Al Jazeera English title Japanese manga creator resigns from manga job article Atsuo Watanabasako, who is known for his work on the manga series Toriko, has quit his role as the voice of the characters of the popular Toriko anime adaptation.

Atsuo’s decision to leave the role comes just months after he announced that he would be stepping down from Toriko as well.

A series of tweets from Watanaba on Wednesday revealed that he will be stepping back from Torikomusubi, a series of Japanese manga that has sold over 15 million copies.

Watanabe also revealed that the production of the new anime series will be moved to Tokyo, which has been a major focus of the manga’s fanbase.

Watanabe wrote on his Twitter account: “I’m sad to say that my manga Toriko is no longer a manga.

Toriko will become a TV series.”

Atsuko, who began writing Toriko in 1994, also revealed in October that he is also working on a new manga.

He has also been working on other projects, including manga adaptations of the TV anime and the manga version of his new TV anime.

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