What you need to know about the candidates who will face the voters in November

What you need to know about the candidates who will face the voters in November

The first question I get when I ask about Donald Trump is, “Who are you??”

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Republican or a Democrat.

If you’re a Trump supporter, the answer is “You know what, I’m not really sure.”

It’s easy to say, “I know the guy,” or “He’s a smart guy,” when you have no idea who he is, let alone why he’s a threat to the future of the Republican Party.

I’m a conservative Republican.

That’s my party, and I have a lot of friends in the party, but I have no reason to believe I’ll be the nominee.

A Trump presidency is a possibility, but if I were to vote for him, I’d vote for someone who will keep the Republican party in check and that’s someone like Donald Trump.

I don’t want a Republican president, but someone who is able to keep the party united around a vision for the country and keep it from falling apart.

He is the only candidate who can bring a sense of order and stability to the party.

If he wins, we will have a strong conservative Republican party, I will believe.

Trump’s biggest problem is that he is so disconnected from his base.

When Trump is in his element, he gets on the phone, makes a phone call, and then spends a few hours listening to the people who agree with him.

That is not a recipe for the kind of stability that is needed for a Republican party.

There is a real possibility that a Trump presidency will put the country on a downward spiral, and this could cost us a lot.

Trump is the biggest threat to our country’s future, and he will make the country suffer.

I cannot vote for Trump, but there are other candidates out there who are more qualified to be president.

As the primary season gets underway, the media will be looking for the next Trump.

Will he be the same Donald Trump that was so bad for our country?

Or will he be a better Donald Trump?

The last thing the American people want is a Trump Presidency, and the American voters should be able to make that choice for themselves.

If they choose Trump, they should expect that he will try to restore America’s greatness by getting the country back on track and fixing our broken immigration system.

If you agree with my assessment of the candidate, please vote in our primaries, and share this article to help elect the person who will help the GOP get back on course.

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